The Collective Coffee Shop #yql in Lethbridge, AB

Where community meets to collaborate.
The Collective Coffee & Gift Shop is more than your neighborhood cafe.

Owner, Clint Wall of The Collective Coffee Shop in Lethbridge, AB

What makes us unique is the ability to see the need for a collaborative space in Lethbridge, AB. A place where people can feel comfortable meeting, relaxing and working. A place where the community can support local, network and collaborate on projects dear to their hearts.

We’ve provided a space for local artists to showcase their talents while providing them the extra support they need to grow. Just check out our handmade gift shop.

We also take pride in our coffee suppliers. A local (Calgary based) roaster that thrives for not only perfection from their products, but shares the same values we do when it comes to supporting local.

About Motherlode Coffee Roasters

Motherlode Coffee is native to Calgary, Canada and was founded by the ONLY FEMALE and LGBTQ2+ coffee roaster team in YYC. They wanted to make a difference in the coffee world with unique flavours while giving back to charities who target issues on gender equality. Their deep-rooted connection with Peru (one of our founders was born and raised in Lima, Peru) is the reason that every coffee they invent has Peruvian beans included. 

They’ve created the BUY A BAG, GROW A MIND program where proceeds from the purchase of EACH BAG go to empowering Peruvian women through post-secondary education.

To learn more about their roasting methods and coffee visit… Motherlode Coffee

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