These are the terms and conditions for Members of The Collective. Members of The Collective must abide by these terms and conditions as part of their membership and rental agreement.

The Collective membership offers a shared community work space for entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, remote workers, employees, business owners and more who want to be part of a collaborative environment, network, share and grow personally, professionally and in business.

Use of the Services and Space at The Collective

Member Etiquette: While at The Collective you will respect other members, the space and it’s partners. We reserve the right to revoke a membership for poor behaviour, damage to the property or it’s contents, intoxication, discrimination, sexual harassment or advances, or other behaviour that will disrupt the space or members in which is being shared.

The Collective is designed to build relationships, network and connect. With that in mind, people do come to the space to get some work done, have some quiet time or to unwind from a busy day. Please be mindful not to frequently interrupt others or over-engage in social conversation if not invited. We want to ensure that each member enjoys their experience at The Collective. While we do understand that for some people, a quiet, uninterrupted space is most suitable, we have created our “dedicated desk” area that is separate from our community workspace for this specific reason. If you find yourself needing a quiet workspace, please inquire about our “dedicated desk” rentals.

Please ensure that you clean up after yourself while visiting The Collective and if you happen to make a mess (say a little coffee spill on our couch), please let the members manager know right away so that we can spot treat the spill to ensure the longevity of our fixturing’s. All fixturing’s and furniture are the property of The Collective and are not to be removed from the premises.

We do provide our members with many resources such as book rentals from our library, guides and pamphlets from our sponsors, access to expert workshops and so on, please be respectful of these resources so that our members can continue to enjoy them as part of their membership.

We are a smoke and pet free facility. There is a designated outdoor smoking area for those who wish to take their habit outside. While we will serve alcohol at events from time to time, intoxication will not be tolerated and may result in you forfeiting your membership.

Please be responsible and respectful with your internet usage. No illegal online activities are permitted by members or their guests with using The Collective’s public internet access. We reserve the right to report any illegal online activity to authorities that may result in usage while at The Collective Community.

Respect other member’s space, property, privacy, confidentiality, and data just as you would respect your own.

Please keep in mind the fact that this is a small community workspace. If you find you need to take or make a lengthy phone call, please do so in either our closing room or classroom (if unoccupied). Alternatively, you can take the call to our patio or your vehicle. Thank you for respecting the space of others.

Guests: If you are a paid member, you will get one FREE guest visit per month. Please ensure that your guest brings in their FREE day pass the day of use. Alternatively, guests can purchase a day pass for $15. Guests will abide by the same terms and conditions as members.

Parking: Please ensure that you use the designated parking stalls for The Collective community. We want to be respectful of our neighboring business’s.

Hours: The Collective Community workspace is open to members Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. Members may attend events, workshops, seminars, etc. during their scheduled times located in The Classroom at The Collective. Access for members of The Collective membership will be during The Collective hours only. No keys or key pass will be provided to members. For those renting private offices/dedicated desks, one key per renter will be assigned. A tenant agreement for lease will be written and signed by both the tenant and a members manager at The Collective. For those renting a private office a one (1) year lease is required. For those renting a dedicated desk, a minimum of three (3) months lease is required with 30 days written notice. Please speak with a members manager for full details about leasing these spaces.

Our Closing Room: Our closing room is available a no charge to members but must be booked in advance.

Our Classroom: Our classroom is where we will host our events and workshops. It may be rented for an additional charge. Some events and workshops will be free of charge to members, while others may be available at a members rate.

Our Coffee Shop: Our coffee shop is independently owned and operated and is an added perk to our members. If you find yourself with questions or concerns about our coffee shop. Please reach out to them directly or ask a members manager for assistance.

Paying for your Membership: All memberships must be paid in full prior to use. You can pay for your membership by clicking the BUY button on our website. Memberships are effective the day of purchase and will expire according to the length of membership you purchase. You may pay for your membership with a credit or debit card via our website. Please reach out to our members manager with any questions or contact us via our email or website.

Terms and Conditions of using The Collective Community Workspace

The services provided while using The Collective Community Workspace are subject to the following Terms and Conditions. The Collective has the right to update the terms and conditions at any time without notice. Your membership does not create a tenancy but a prepaid usage service to use the provided amenities on a monthly or casual basis depending on your plan.

Services Rendered

Your membership with The Collective allows you access to our community workspace during The Collective community workspace hours, access to our closing room (must be booked), access to our classroom (during scheduled events), access to our coffee shop (paid service), access to our experts and resources, and public Internet access. These service may change. Changes will be made available publicly on our website.

Use of Services

You acknowledge that you are participating in or using our services at your own free will. You acknowledge that The Collective will not be held liable in regards to your access, participation in, use of the services, or any loss of information, property or damages resulting in such participation or use. The Collective will abide by all applicable regulations and laws set forth by governing law and has the right to disclose any information about your participation in the use of our space and services to authorities if asked.

Your Membership with The Collective

All memberships are purchased in advance prior to using The Collective and it’s services based upon the membership you choose. We reserve the right to deny access to The Collective and it’s space and services if your membership has not been paid in full. Your credit and debit card information will be securely stored during time of transaction. We do not store your credit or debit card on file unless given permission. For those that wish to go with a longer term membership, automatic renewal is an option with consent and will commence at time of signing lease agreement.


The Collective is insured with business/property/liability insurance. Our insurance policy covers The Collective and it’s property, but does not cover anything pertaining to our members. It is strongly advised that you carry your own insurance while using the space and services at The Collective. We will not be liable for any lost, stolen or damaged equipment of our members while on our premises, using our space or services.

Disclaimer of Risk

The Collective provides the space and services “as is” and when entering into a “membership agreement” with The Collective you admit entire risk arising out of your participation in or the use of our space and services.

As permitted by law, in no event shall The Collective or its subsidiaries, employees, members, successors or assignees (past, present and future) be liable for any direct or indirect damages including, but not limited to, damages for: loss of profits, loss of confidential or other information, business interruption, personal injury, loss of privacy, failure to meet any duty (including those of reasonable care, negligence, good faith agreement and any other relating to or consisting of money or loss whatsoever) arising from your use of our space and/or services.

Shall you have any questions or concerns about our terms and conditions. Please reach out to us via email or our website.