Member Perks

Fully serviced coffee from The Coffee Shop by The Collective

This is a big deal… joking aside! We just can’t stand a weak cup of coffee and we know our members wouldn’t either so we built a coffee shop into our space. Yes, that’s right, a professionally, quality brewed beverage of your choice is at your finger tips.
*Inquire about our coffee membership and FREE coffee for members

Cool, Cozy and Inviting… that’s our space!

With every membership, you will have access to our Community Work/Lounge space designed to feel like you are working from your favorite coffeeshop, aroma’s and all.

Our Community Work/Lounge space is open to members during the week from
9am-4pm. Just drop in any time! Need something a bit quieter? Check out our “dedicated desk” rentals.

Our Closing Room

Need to make a call? Meeting a client? Need a private space?

Our Closing Room is accessible to all members. All you have to do, is book it in advance and it’s all yours (to use for a few hours of course… free of charge).

Dedicated Desk Rentals

Community workspaces aren’t for everyone… and we get that. That’s why we build out a quiet space for those who just want to throw in their earbuds and get some work done!

Equipped with a printer, stationary, storage and your very own signage (for a small fee), you’ll feel like home all cozied up in this space.

Limited dedicated desk rentals available. First come first serve. Min. 3 month rental.

Private Office Rentals

Some work just requires space… our private offices have natural lighting, includes a parking stall and free marketing. We want to build a strong foundation of support at The Collective and having experts housed in our facility is very valuable.

Private office rentals are limited. First come first served. Min. 1 year lease agreement.

The Classroom

Community and Resources are the name of the game at The Collective so we couldn’t do it without somewhere to teach and learn. Our classroom is designed to bring you the resources you require for your personal, professional and business journey.

The classroom will host workshops and events for it’s members (some free, some at a discount). The classroom will also be available to rent, should you find you want to facilitate your own teaching, with your own style.

These are just a few perks of being a member of The Collective. We value community and this is what we want to bring to you. A place to gather, meet new people and network, learn a thing or two from someone else, enjoy a fresh bevy, hang out and read a book (heck, we even have a small library you can rent from). Yeah, we aren’t huge but that’s what makes it inviting. We’ve brought to you a place to learn, a place to grow, a place to connect, and a place to just get out of that cold basement office that has no windows.

We want to meet you… so come on down to The Collective. The coffee is on us!